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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Never Say, Too Late

Some folks in this “Great Generation,” considering freedoms we’ve lost,
Woke up one sad day and considered what the loss of all freedoms might cost!
We gathered together and pondered what steps we could take, now, to save
The much-valued freedoms some squander for free hand-outs, cradle to grave.
When folks say: “Too late,” I say: “No way; while life lasts it’s never ’too late’!”
My ancestors’ blood surges in me, defies fatalism’s cruel fate! 

As brave ones, we will not surrender our God-given right to be free
To live on the fruits of our labor, take our chances, with no guarantee!
Judging our liberty foremost of the rights our Forefathers foresaw,
We’re banding together in protest of widespread disregard for the Law!
The rights in the first Ten Amendments, without which all else would have failed,
Are the sticking-point now for defenders of the Document that then prevailed. 

The question that President Lincoln set forth in his famous Address,
Has, once again, come front-and-center, in this time of our Nation’s great stress.
Can this nation, conceived with true freedom as the basis of government’s goal,
That all men are created equal, not meant for another’s control --
A proposal with true dedication, a noble concept never tried
In all the past history of mankind -- will continuance now be denied? 

Will men of true faith and conviction risk all in this Battle for Right?
Will women stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, hold aloft Lady Liberty’s Light?
Will the slothful become energetic, take responsibility
For self-support, seeking employment, if able-bodied they be?
With all who produce robbed by taxes, “sharing” more than they could afford,
With all stripped to poverty’s level, what will be socialism’s reward? 

Will we be like those gone before us who rose to the crises they faced,
Refused to give in or surrender, stood for causes on righteousness based?
No matter what odds were against them, resisted with all of their might,
Gave the last measure of their devotion, pressed on in the battle for right.
Let our voices arise in crescendo, till the Congress and President hear,
Return power to the States and the people, restoring our freedoms so dear! 

The tyranny others now suffer by ignoring such warning signs clear,
Should cause us to Stop! Look! And listen! To recognize crisis is near!
Turn back from the brink of disaster, consider our ways and be wise,
Resist the temptation to squander the brief time we have, and arise
To accomplish the task now before us, believing our Cause to be just.
As we take God’s side in this crisis, in His power we surely can trust! 

© 12/16/2009 Roberta N.Tuthill (1923- ) TX-born American Revolution descendant.
Sharable intact with complete credit line. Request permission for saleable reproduction.
Speak4Truth.com, FrankTuthill.wordpress.com, Voice4Freedom.com,
Voice4Freedom.wordpress.com, bertatut.wordpress.com 
Sat, April 30, 2011 | link 

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